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2023 in AML Enforcement: Key Penalties Shake Financial Services

In this webinar we reveal and analyze the findings of Fenergo’s research into AML fines issued to financial institutions in 2023. The research is focused on tracking and analyzing the total number, average value, and type of fines given to financial institutions in the past year, resulting in a clear picture of which jurisdictions are most severe and the issues they’re penalizing. 

Our webinar will provide you with actionable insights into the biggest actions from the past year and the total sum of enforcement activities globally. The breakdown of this data across regions, sectors, and regulations lets our panel extrapolate and infer the ‘why’ behind enforcement priorities and how financial institutions can implement their business strategies most effectively. 

 The expert panel examines:

  • What trends are driving enforcement actions
  • Best practice advice for managing risk exposure when detecting and preventing financial crime 
  • How crypto has shaken the industry, and how additional scrutiny affects FIs 
  • What 2023’s data means for the future of finance