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Focusing on Pain Points in the CLM Journey

This Chartis paper looks at client lifecycle management (CLM) in capital markets, with a case study of Fenergo CLM at a major US financial institution.

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The ever-shifting regulatory landscape creates a multitude of changes for firms to navigate. The knock-on effects of enforcement action risks are also on the rise which, paired with other challenges, is putting pressure on financial institutions (FIs) and driving their approaches towards Client Lifecycle Management (CLM).

As a developer of software as a service (SaaS) technology solutions for CLM, Fenergo supports FIs and corporates with its industry-validated CLM solutions. Fenergo CLM is currently deployed in over 100 FIs and corporates globally, enabling these firms to drive greater efficiency in their CLM and financial crime compliance processes.

With CLM becoming an increasingly diverse process with responsibility shared across several business lines, a customer’s journey through the various stages of onboarding sees tasks shared across multiple departments, including compliance, credit, legal, and market operations. It’s therefore crucial to CLM success that all these teams across an FI are able to collaborate through a CLM platform that meets the distinct requirements of each stakeholder.

This Chartis paper focuses on the pain points in the CLM journey for capital markets firms, including corporate and institutional banks, buy-side asset management, and funds administration. The paper looks at:

  • the macro and micro trends driving transformation of CLM
  • the benefits of a best-in-class solution and an ideal target operating model
  • the benefits of SaaS-based CLM technology in capital markets 
  • an anonymous case study as an illustration of what ‘good’ looks like

Fenergo’s implementation at a major US financial institution highlights the operational challenges that FIs face and underscores the need for CLM solutions to be automated and adaptable to achieve operational efficiency. They sought out Fenergo for its cloud-based platform, because the FI’s use of internal workflows for CLM was causing inefficiencies in the onboarding process.

Explore the benefits of SaaS-based client lifecycle management technology in capital markets.

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