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KYC, AML & Transparency for Cryptocurrencies & Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs)

This podcast is based on the latest market research into the challenges facing institutions, issuers, exchanges, & investors in determining viability & suitability, for investing in crypto-currencies, ICOs and derived offerings. How can we solve the KYC, AML & transparency challenges? So that this new asset class can mature, open up to institutional investors and play a more value adding role for society & the global economy. Fenergo will share their market research findings, discuss and debate the topics with crypto professionals & RegTech professionals. Watch our recent webinar to learn more about:

  • the latest market research
  • the current eco-system challenges and issues
  • practical requirements that are needed to solve the problem
  • the next steps the industry and related parties need to take

Speakers: Conor Coughlan – Chief Marketing Officer, Fenergo Xavier Gomez – Founder & COO, Invyo Andrew Delaney – President & Chief Content Officer, A-Team Group Davod DeLeon – Senior Manager, Finance & Risk, Accenture   To learn more about Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solutions check out our solutions page here.



About the Author

Niall is the Chief Technology Officer at Fenergo and is responsible for technical strategy, design and architecture. He leads core teams within Fenergo to create solutions that deliver impactful ROI for global financial services clients.

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