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Why FinCrime Regulation is Imminent for US Investment Advisors

In early February 2024, US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, noted that the US Treasury Department plans to issue a proposed rule applying requirements for anti-money laundering (AML) on investment advisers. These plans were further backed up by an announcement from FinCEN to combat illicit finance. 

Why is Treasury Pushing for AML Compliance on Investment Advisors? 

Treasury has long argued that without uniform and thorough AML obligations, corrupt individuals and other illicit entities could potentially funnel unlawfully obtained funds into the US financial system through hedge and private equity firms. Treasury plans to introduce a proposal in the first quarter of 2024, aimed at extending Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) AML/CFT requirements, including the obligation to report suspicious activities, to specific investment advisers. 

Compliance with AML regulations is not just a legal obligation but also a critical component of maintaining trust and integrity within the financial ecosystem. With the increasing complexity and sophistication of financial crimes, these Investment Advisors are under immense pressure to enhance their compliance measures while ensuring operational efficiency. This is where cloud-based FinCrime ecosystems such as Fenergo emerge as a game-changer. 

Traditionally, compliance processes within investment advisor firms have been manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors. The sheer volume of client data, coupled with stringent regulatory requirements, makes it challenging for these firms to keep pace with changing regulatory rules. However, Fenergo SaaS offers a comprehensive solution by seamlessly integrating Customer Identification Program (CIP), Transaction Monitoring, and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes into a unified platform. 

One of the primary advantages of Fenergo is its scalability. Investment advisor firms cater to a diverse client base, ranging from individual investors to institutional entities. As their business expands, so does the volume of client data that needs to be verified and monitored. By leveraging cloud infrastructure, these firms can effortlessly scale their compliance operations to accommodate growing data volumes without incurring significant infrastructure costs. 

How can Investment Advisors Comply with AML Legislation? 

Fenergo provides investment advisor firms with real-time access to updated regulatory requirements. With new AML rules being proposed by the US government on an ongoing basis, staying compliant can be a daunting task. However, our solution offers updates and alerts, ensuring that firms are always aligned with the latest regulatory standards. This real-time compliance monitoring reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties and fosters a culture of proactive risk management within your organization. 

Furthermore, the centralized nature of Fenergo streamlines the onboarding process for new clients. Traditionally, client onboarding involved tedious paperwork and manual data entry, leading to delays and inefficiencies.  Fenergo can offer digitized onboarding workflows and portal access, allowing clients to submit their information electronically and facilitating seamless integration with third-party verification services. This not only accelerates the onboarding process but also enhances the overall customer experience while simultaneously calculating the risk involved. 

Fenergo Advanced Reporting and 360-degree view of the client relationship enhances collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders within the investment advisor. Compliance officers, risk analysts, and other relevant personnel can securely access and share client information in real-time, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration and ensuring a cohesive approach to compliance management. Additionally, cloud-based solutions offer robust audit trails and data governance mechanisms, enabling firms to maintain a transparent and auditable record of their compliance activities. 

Understanding Illicit Transactions and CDD for Investment Advisors 

Transaction monitoring is another critical aspect of AML compliance for investment advisor firms. With the proliferation of digital transactions, detecting suspicious activities amidst vast volumes of data has become increasingly challenging. Fenergo utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify anomalous transaction patterns in real-time. By flagging potentially illicit activities promptly, these solutions enable investment advisor firms to mitigate risks and report suspicious transactions to regulatory authorities promptly. 

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) is particularly crucial when dealing with high-risk clients or complex transactions. Traditional EDD processes involve manual research and analysis, which are not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. However, a Fenergo SaaS leverages data enrichment services and advanced analytics to automate EDD procedures. By aggregating data from diverse sources, including public records and sanction lists, these solutions provide investment advisor firms with comprehensive insights into client backgrounds, enabling them to make informed risk assessments and fulfil their due diligence obligations effectively. 

In conclusion, the implementation of a SaaS solution holds immense potential for investment advisor firms in the USA to comply with new AML rules proposed by the US government. By integrating the Customer Identification Program, transaction monitoring, and Enhanced Due Diligence processes into a centralized platform, these solutions enable firms to enhance compliance effectiveness, streamline operational efficiency, and mitigate regulatory risks. As regulatory requirements continue to evolve, investment advisor firms must embrace innovative technologies like cloud-based KYC ecosystems to stay ahead of the curve and uphold the integrity of the financial system. 

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About the Author

Tracy Moore, Director of Thought Leadership, has over 25 years of experience in investment banking, covering the areas of client onboarding, legal documentation and compliance in both capital markets and corporate lending. In addition to her time as Executive Director of wholesale compliance advisory at Rabobank, she also oversaw compliance of both capital markets and corporate lending client onboarding at SunTrust Bank (Truist) for over a decade. Moore has also worked for Man Investments and Goldman Sachs in Switzerland. Tracy has an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and a law degree from John Marshall School of Law.

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