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Client & Investor Lifecycle Management for Asset Servicing

Digitally transform the end-to-end client and investor onboarding experience.

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Across the Asset Servicing industry, Transfer Agents, Fund Administrators and Management Companies (ManCos) are still leveraging manual processes to serve investors and the funds of their clients. These processes are often expensive, people-intensive, inefficient and unscalable, resulting in poor investor experience and increased abandonment rates.

In order to stay competitive, Asset Servicing firms need to digitally transform their operating model by leveraging a digital solution that streamlines and automates the investor onboarding process, reduces both the rekeying of data and repeated outreach to clients and investors.

Uniquely designed in partnership with the financial services industry, Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables asset servicing firms to future-proof regulatory compliance and enhance operational efficiency through user-friendly, automated and cost-efficient processes.