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The Great Resignation & the Rise of the Versatile Workforce

Some companies struggle to implement flexible working models when faced with uncertainty surrounding the phenomenon known as the ‘The Great Resignation’. But why?

The ‘great resignation’ phrase often refers to the increasingly high number of workers leaving their jobs due to the pandemic, leading to high numbers of vacancies in the jobs market. Recent figures from suggest that job vacancies are 86% higher in the last quarter of 2021 and overall 43% higher than in the same period pre-pandemic. This has created a war for talent and a market where job seekers have the advantage to pick and choose a role that is more suited to their personal circumstances and career ambitions.

This is reflected in a recent social media poll by Fenergo, where 39% of external respondents said they are seeking a fresh challenges or new job in 2022. One third (29%) are seeking a better work life balance and 18% want a promotion while perks and benefits are less in favour at 13%.


So, how can innovative companies address this new challenge?

Technological innovation Over the last twenty years, there has been a huge cultural shift when it comes to workplace practices. The proliferation of mobile devices and sophisticated cloud collaboration services such as Zoom, Slack and MS Teams has made working remotely with colleagues across the globe seamless. This has opened a pathway for a new working culture.

In many ways, the ‘Great resignation’ is merely an acceleration of practices, ideas, and resources that have occurred in the past. More importantly, it is providing employers as well as employees with a unique opportunity to evaluate and assess the world of work and what works best for the workplace of the 21st century.

Which is exactly what we are doing at Fenergo.

Catering to new working models

The workplace of the future is a place where employees come first. Long gone are standardized nine-to-five working days and the demands for a constant physical presence in an office in a city centre location.

Fenergo’s hybrid working model allows employees to work from any location within the country where their office is based, leveraging next-generation cloud-based collaboration technology to stay connected with teams. Home office equipment not up to scratch? No problem. We provide an allowance which ensures all of our staff are fully kitted out with ergonomic chairs, laptops, cameras, headsets, desks, monitor screens, keyboards, and even lighting.

Days in the office are planned and are focused on collaboration, ideas generation and socializing. Employees no longer need to live or commute into cities and can enjoy a better work-life balance. More pressingly, employees can now prioritize their wellbeing by tapping into the wealth of perks on offer by our firm such as fitness classes, lunchtime talks with experts who share guidance on keeping your mental and physical health in check while maintaining a work-life balance.

Career progression, not vacancy filling

Fenergo offers all of this and more. As a global firm, we encourage employees to evaluate opportunities to work in different offices globally. Career progression is a priority and staff are supported and encouraged to develop their career paths upwards or within different departments across the business, with the opportunity to work with the latest in SaaS and cloud technology for the world’s largest banks.

Fenergo has long prioritised nurturing the career paths of our employees rather than simply filling vacancies. These new practices can support this ethos by providing more flexibility to our employees which optimises their output in the long run.

Values at the heart of change

Refreshing working models in a time of great global change can provide organisations with a unique chance in rejuvenating their long-term objectives. Fenergo recognises the positive impact this can have on the lifestyles and career paths of our global workforce. As incentives and lifestyles of employees change, more employers will need to keep up and attract and retain talent. It’s a win win for all!

Find a job vacancy that suits you or discover more about life at Fenergo.