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ESG: The Future of Finance or Shades of Greenwashing?

The Fenergo FinTalks podcast is where we connect our listeners to the latest in RegTech, compliance, and anti-money laundering (AML) activity. 

In this episode recorded at Money 20/20 EU, we’re talking about all things Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, to help banks invest more sustainably.

We’re joined by Lesley Li, CEO of uIMPACT, a company that aims to provide sustainable investment that's accessible to millions of people around the world. 

Lesley shares how she took a leap of faith and left her career in banking after over a decade in the industry to become an entrepreneur and make a real difference to the future of the world. Her belief is that she could apply her expertise, experience, and education from the finance industry to help bridge the gap of financial inequality while pushing for sustainability. This is where Lesley believes the future of finance lies.

Lesley’s mission is to help financial institutions help their clients to start investing sustainably and create an approach to ESG that makes it as easy as shopping online.

In this episode of FinTalks, Lesley and our host, Dhanum Nursigadoo, talk about greenwashing and why it exists, what ESG really means, and whether or not ESG will save the world. 

Together they tackle various ESG topics, including: 

  • The fifty shades of green – how green is your fintech?

  • Why all fintechs should be looking to the long term and planning to become sustainable

  • Why a lack of standardisation and understanding of ESG data is slowing down adoption of EU sustainability standards

Lesley delves further into how sustainable ESG really is and for companies to question if they are building something everyone needs. Examining whether this means sustainability has become a real vector for profitability. 

“Being profitable is one of the triangles of sustainability to enable the ultimate sustainability: Environmental, Social, and economical.”

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