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Why SaaS is Everything for AML & Regulatory Compliance

We sit down with Fenergo’s CPTO, Niall Twomey, discussing how financial institutions (FIs) can leverage cloud-based SaaS solutions and why SaaS is ideal for meeting compliance obligations. 

Niall shares his expertise on deploying SaaS, how FIs can successfully migrate from on-premise systems, and how the regulatory landscape is driving this move.

SaaS has become a cornerstone of the modern tech environment and it’s fast becoming a requirement for any FI that’s serious about servicing clients. We take a look at the technological limitations of on-premise solutions and how moving to cloud-based SaaS can deliver more efficient and user-friendly digital experiences. 

Niall explains some of the benefits of SaaS digital transformation for FIs and making the switch from on-prem to cloud-based compliance software, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Faster deployments 
  • Security improvements

Financial crime is on the rise and new compliance demands are constantly being made by regulators. FIs need a more strategic partnership with tech vendors to allow them to standardize their solutions with industry standards and adopt best practices. 


Find out how Fenergo can help your organization navigate compliance challenges in 2023.

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