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Global Asset Management Firm

Find out how a Global Asset Management firm keeps up with onboarding demands of new, complex regulatory jurisdictions through digital transformation.

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This US-headquartered global Asset Management firm has implemented Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) from Fenergo in a complete digital transformation of its client onboarding systems. The transformation, undertaken to adapt to specific regulatory challenges in new jurisdictions, started in its wealth management division.

The firm, which operates mainly in the US but is actively globally, focuses on retail and institutional investing, offering its clients comprehensive financial planning and educational resources on investing and other financial topics.

“The Fenergo implementation team worked well with our internal team and delivered real change to our client onboarding process in a few months”
– Product Owner at Asset Management Firm.

This digital transformation project went beyond customer onboarding and know your customer (KYC) processes to encompass the full breadth of the client lifecycle, as the previous approach was manual, error-prone, inefficient, lacked an audit trail, had no automation and inefficient workflow paths, and was siloed. All these shortcomings in the system led to excessive onboarding times, high abandonment rates, and significant churn of internal compliance staff - all issues that Fenergo is designed to overcome.

Digital CLM has a huge impact on the operating efficiency of any business, especially one that is active in multiple jurisdictions. 

For this global asset management firm, Fenergo:

  • Reduced anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC processing times by an average of 77% 
  • Enabled the firm to move rapidly into new markets and respond to regulatory demands  
  • Optimized onboarding, allowing relationship managers to focus on revenue generation

Download the full case study to see how the firm overcame complex jurisdictional regulatory requirements and achieved success by implementing Fenergo.