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The Future of Business with CLM

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) covers more than you might think. It creates a single client ecosystem for all actors involved in the customer journey. CLM is about managing client journeys, interactions, and data in a frictionless way; ensuring that relationship managers, operational staff, the customer, the investor – everybody and anybody that's talking in that ecosystem - is connected to the same data, the same documents, and the same decisions.

CLM is crucial for financial institutions (FIs), encompassing every stage of the client journey from onboarding, know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks, including ongoing reviews and offboarding customers at the end of the relationship. Beyond ensuring compliance with anti-financial crime regulations, CLM also includes managing other non-KYC rules for products like swaps, and ongoing account management processes.

Fenergo streamlines CLM and compliance processes and provides a centralized dashboard for event processing and decision making. Onboarding is the first pillar of CLM, but it's not the only aspect, as KYC, AML, and ongoing relationship management are also crucial.

Since 2020, Fenergo has transitioned to a software-as-a-service (SaaS), multi-tenant, cloud CLM solution, helping FIs in the following ways:

  • Frictionless management of the entire client journey and all interactions
  • Streamlining customer onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Allowing relevant customers, investors and counterparties to interact through a single ecosystem with access to data and documents 
  • Supports ongoing reviews, transactions, screening hits and perpetual due diligence across the entire customer relationship lifetime

Access the power of Fenergo CLM today, speak to our team and book a demo to streamline your CLM.