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Fenergo and Andile Whitepaper: Cost of KYC (South Africa)

Whitepaper: South African banks struggling under the rising cost of KYC

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When a country faces grey-listing by FATF, increased scrutiny follows due to financial crime system deficiencies. Over half of banks spend R26,500-R53,000 for one client's KYC review, disrupting capital flows.

In our joint whitepaper, we explore:
  • Cost Analysis: Uncover KYC compliance expenses
  • Business Impact: Explore grey-listing's repercussions
  • Strategic Shifts: Identify cost-reduction strategies
  • 360-Degree View: Enhance risk management
  • Holistic Approach: Optimize bank operations
  • Risk Evolution: Embrace risk-based strategies

Discover actionable insights to future-proof your bank, reduce operational costs, increase competitive advantage and mitigate risk.