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Perpetual KYC: Debunking the Myths

Financial institutions can take up to 240 days to carry out a KYC review for a high-risk client. That's 166% longer than initially planned. Huge amounts of resources are spent collecting data and performing manual, error prone, and costly client KYC reviews.

Perpetual KYC is often framed as the 'silver bullet' solution to this problem. But how can financial institutions make automated, perpetual KYC a reality? 

On this recent panel discussion, industry experts examined the challenges surrounding continuous KYC and propose a more rational and pragmatic way forward for financial institutions to capitalize on real efficiency gains.

The discussion will seek the answer to:

  • How can event management make a real impact on the volume of reviews? 
  • How can financial institutions effectively automate regulatory policy? 
  • How to go beyond KYC to create a holistic approach to compliance processes? 

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