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CLM for Asset Servicing

Asset Servicing firms are under increasing pressure to deliver seamless, frictionless experiences to both Clients and Investors, all whilst complying with complex regulatory compliance requirements. 

Fenergo Client and Investor Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables Asset Servicing firms to digitally transform and optimize end-to-end due diligence processes for Clients, Funds, Investors and Distributors. Designed with the Client and Investor experiences in mind, it enables Asset Servicing firms to future-proof regulatory compliance and enhance operational efficiency through user-friendly, automated and cost-efficient processes. 

It delivers: 

  • Simplified KYC & Onboarding 
  • Powerful Regulatory Rules Engine 
  • Digital Self-Service Portal 
  • Automated Client & Investor Screening and Data Sourcing 
  • Advanced Reporting & Dashboards 
  • No-Code Configuration & Change Management 

Learn more about Fenergo Client Lifecyle Management for Asset Servicers here