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Compliance & Modern Market Dynamics

Chris Zingo, Chief Revenue Officer at Fenergo, takes a look at the macro trends impacting financial services and how they’re changing the way financial institutions handle compliance. Factors such as market changes, digital transformation, and evolving regulations present opportunities and challenges for regulated businesses and financial services to rise to meet.

The regulatory landscape is flowing parallel to the development of technology and fintech, and this impacts the decisions made and policies implemented by financial institutions.

The Fenergo approach of using digital first, cloud-based ecosystem orchestration and real-time connectivity helps our clients to address market demands and better serve their own customers. 

Customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes are key priority areas where automation can deliver the greatest immediate efficiencies, however 25% of the market is not automated at all in its compliance processes which is driving the cost of customer acquisition up. In the last two years, the cost of KYC – specifically entity onboarding - has risen by 28%.

Fenergo is leveraging innovation to drive automation, scalability, and improved client experiences in client lifecycle management. Chris emphasizes the positive impact of digital transformation in responding to regulatory changes and in risk management, highlighting the importance of a cloud-first approach to achieve competitive differentiation.

Fenergo Transforms Client Lifecycle Management 

Fenergo helps organizations to orchestrate Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), automating processes from initial identification through onboarding to streamline the entire client journey and optimize every client’s experience. The platform also facilitates ongoing client profile maintenance and real-time change monitoring, to ensure compliance and identify new revenue opportunities. 

Watch the video above and get in touch to transform your client onboarding and compliance operations.