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How to Leverage AI for AML Compliance

10+ practical tips to improve onboarding, monitoring detection and reporting.

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Thousands upon thousands of exciting start-up companies have disrupted and are continuing to disrupt the fintech sector. While there are plenty of success stories, all fintech start-ups must contend with the minefield that is compliance. The quest for increasingly advanced technology to help ease the burden should therefore not come as a surprise.

One quickly evolving technology alongside this rapid regulatory change with the potential to help firms stay agile and get ahead of the latest trends is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its adoption is a trend that’s on fire within the regulatory technology (‘regtech’) space—the practice of using cloud computing technology through a SaaS model to handle everything from keeping up with the latest AML regulatory developments to transaction monitoring and building accurate client profiles.

This ebook will cover:

  • The importance of adopting AI in regtech
  • How to apply AI in the regtech process from onboarding to reporting
  • Why fintechs need to leverage AI
  • From reactive to proactive with AI-powered regtech