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Balancing Acts: The Yin and Yang of Technology in Financial Crime

With more than $3.1 trillion in illicit funds and money laundering globally and an increase in global fraud losses and penalties imposed by US regulators in 2023, it is more important than ever to discuss how we can leverage technology to fight financial crime.

However, technological advances also empower the evolving landscape of financial crime. So how can Financial Institutions better prepare for this reality?

We hosted a compelling conversation on the dynamics of innovation and technology in the realm of financial crime with industry luminaries Mihal Nahari and Alma Angotti, moderated by Tracy Moore, Fenergo’s Director for Thought Leadership.

Tune into a dynamic half an hour to hear our speaker's thoughts on:

  • Today's landscape of financial crime
  • Potential scenarios for the future of financial crime
  • Strategies to mitigate risks of impeding technology

Watch now.