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Know Your Counterparty: Energy Trading and Sanctions Risk when Onboarding

With recent geopolitical events leading to further sanctions and increased scrutiny around financial crimes, counterparty risk management has never been so crucial. Firms are having to strengthen their counterparty onboarding process and the way they manage counterparty data. 

In this webinar, financial crime, sanctions, and compliance experts from across the energy and commodity sectors take a deep dive into some of the most pressing challenges facing the industry when it comes to onboarding new counterparties and suppliers, including sanction risk management, due diligence, know your customer (KYC) procedures, as well as counterparty related data management. 

Designed for risk management, trading operations and compliance professionals, watching this session will help you understand the best practices around counterparty onboarding and due diligence, how to keep on top of sanctions developments, and how this fits into your overall risk management strategy. The webinar also explores the pivotal role of technology in managing your counterparty data in a way that makes it easier to assess vulnerabilities. 


  • António Pedro Rodrigues - Head of Compliance, Galp Energia 
  • Paul Iezzi - EMEA Channel Partner Manager, LSEG Risk Intelligence 
  • Rawad Halawi - Partner, Financial Advisory, Deloitte 
  • Rory Doyle – Head of Financial Crime Policy, Fenergo 
  • Howard Walper- CEO Americas, Commodities People 

Key themes covered by the panel include: 

  • How geopolitical complexities such as politically exposes persons (PEPs) are influencing firms’ risk management strategy 
  • Where technology such as automation can benefit due diligence processes, data, and checks 
  • The necessity of clear and configurable documentation processes when onboarding counterparties 
  • Implementing an appropriate risk-based approach to avoid sanctions breaches while operating in energy and commodities markets 

Watch the recording now or book a demo to discover how Fenergo helps Energy and Commodities firms to future proof supply chain and data management.