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KYC, AML, & Onboarding in 2023 – Were Lessons Learned or Do Old Habits Die Hard?

In 2022, the data from Fenergo’s annual research survey of global investment banks underlined a labor-intensive KYC environment where onboarding customers was costing banks up to $35 million a year. 
One year later, and the results are in from 2023’s survey.  
Have we learned anything in the past year or is KYC still low on the list of priorities for innovation? Are banks realizing the benefits of automation, or do old habits and legacy systems die hard? Join us on this webinar to dive into the results.   
Fenergo is joined by industry thought leaders to analyze the findings of our 2023 global research report investigating the costs and opportunities of KYC compliance. 
Watch this webinar to discover: 

  • How much time and money KYC compliance really costs in 2023 
  • Why KYC reviews still take so long for Financial Institutions to complete 
  • The areas of risk banks are prioritizing for technology investment in 2023 
  • The key factors causing banks to lose clients during onboarding  
  • Where legacy tech still prevails and where artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied 
  • For the full analysis of Fenergo’s 2023 survey data, download our KYC trends report now. 

Download the slides.