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Supercharge Client Lifecycle Management with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the defining technologies of the 21st Century with huge potential to change not just the speed of accessing data but to create a paradigm shift in how we make decisions entirely.  

The EU AI Act recognizes that, for businesses, the use of AI “can provide key competitive advantages to undertakings” listing its ability to optimize operations and resource allocation as one of AI’s key benefits for firms.  

Outside of the EU, financial intelligence units (FIUs) and regulatory bodies in key territories like the US, Singapore, and the UK are issuing guidance and outlining their approaches to AI in financial services, determined to not be left behind the times when it comes to AI adoption. 

And it’s not just governments and law-making bodies that realize the impact AI will have on day-to-day operations in the workplace: 28% of workers believe that AI could make their jobs easier. 

But what does an AI strategy look like? Only 27% of senior decision-makers at businesses with $50m+ in revenue feel like they have a clear AI strategy with perceivable results.  

Data is a key concern when integrating AI into the Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) journey. Working to keep that data secure is a priority concern for every financial institution, and only AI products that are properly joined with CLM can accomplish that.  

When it comes to CLM ensuring compliance with know your customer (KYC) requirements while delivering a strong customer onboarding journey is key. AI is poised to make a material difference to both.  

Watch this webinar to hear from our expert panel on: 

  • Why AI is going to change how CLM decisions are made 
  • What your business needs to create the right AI strategy for CLM 
  • How your data will work with AI securely, efficiently, and accurately