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Unleashing the Synergy of KYC and Transaction Monitoring in the Battle Against Financial Crime

Fenergo has partnered with American Banker to discuss the vital role played by Know Your Customer (KYC) and Transaction Monitoring (TM) practices in combating financial crime. It explores the potential of a combined KYC and TM solution to revolutionize the operational model of banks and enable the transition from periodic KYC to perpetual KYC.

By synergizing these two disciplines, financial institutions can enhance efficiency, safeguard revenue, and establish a culture of compliance by design.

In this webinar, industry experts discuss:
•    Best practices to transition from periodic to perpetual KYC
•    Building a better view of risk by combining KYC and TM
•    Ways to strengthen compliance while ensuring a seamless customer experience

Download Fenergo's KYC Trends Report 2022 to learn more.