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Maximize ROI by Digitalizing KYC & Onboarding Processes

Multi-year spend planning is one of the core strategic decisions for every department. Understanding the long-term effect of decisions made today on operational spend across the next three to five years can be difficult to predict without insight into economic impact of your biggest cost centres.  

Reducing expenses by even a small percentage year-on-year can result in significantly more available cash to deploy on unique costs to your business and build services that truly differentiate from your competitors.  

But it’s not easy to achieve and can only be done by creating operational efficiencies in departments with significant cost. Financial crime compliance costs reached $274 billion globally in 2022 and it’s set to increase even further. Redirecting that spend to discretionary projects is possible but only with the right approach. 

This session features four experts in the regulatory space who understand how to best maximize ROI when considering KYC and onboarding process. Get insights from: 

  • Cengiz Kiamil – VP Market Development at Fenergo 
  • Virginie O’Shea — Founder and CEO of Firebrand Research 
  • Chris Zingo – Chief Revenue Officer at Fenergo 
  • Kevin McGuinness – Global Practice Lead in Client Lifecycle Management at First Derivative 

The panel navigate through some of the difficult topics that surround decision-making on Digital KYC, including the problems around regulatory headwinds, operational pressures, and delivering compliance without negatively impacting the client experience. They also take a look at how to best examine the journey to value when making spend decisions. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out how to implement your multi-year spending plan in the most effective way and increase your discretionary spend flexibility, our panel discusses: 

  • How to best conduct multi-year spend planning 
  • Choosing between ubiquitous costs and unique costs 
  • Adapting to the ongoing and increasing cost of compliance 
  • Using platform automation for greater management information 
  • The operational excellence afforded by increasing discretionary spend 


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