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ESG - A Growth Opportunity and a Regulatory Challenge

ESG investing, regulation and compliance are central concerns for financial institutions, although not all jurisdictions are equal. In the US, ESG has become a partisan issue making SEC regulation uncertain; the EU is on good form and has already implemented multiple regulations; and Asia Pacific is advancing as regulators and exchanges deploy ESG rules. Greenwashing has become a dirty word and is a real risk, with fines of multi-million dollars starting to bite.

As interest in ESG continues to rise, so does the burden on financial institutions that must comply with regulatory obligations. This is challenging at a time of regulatory updates, a lack of agreed standards, and increasing volumes of ESG data – but there are technology solutions that can help you stay on the right side of regulation, make ESG a growth opportunity, and deliver a positive customer experience.

This webinar provides an overview of where we are with ESG, reviews the ESG regulatory landscape and the challenges of compliance, and provides practical guidance on how to use technology solutions to be ESG ready.

Listen to the webinar to find out more about:

  • The ESG regulatory landscape
  • How to make ESG a growth opportunity
  • Helpful technology solutions and services
  • A sample scenario of ESG compliance in action
  • Benefits of getting it right, penalties of getting it wrong