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How Fintechs Can Win with AML

In 2022, global enforcement actions and fines for AML failings skyrocketed by 52% compared with 2021, many of which were issued to fintechs, crypto exchanges, and challenger banks.  

Regulatory enforcement actions and a diminished reputation are the nail in the coffin for fintechs in today’s climate of low investment and high costs. 

Our expert panel discusses the importance of unifying know your customer (KYC) automation with real-time transaction monitoring and why this issue is becoming increasingly important for fintechs that want to reduce their time to market and meet compliance obligations. 

Watch the on-demand session to discover insights from: 

  • Deepan Nambiar – Compliance Solutions Specialist at Fenergo 
  • Scott Newby – Head of Compliance & MLRO at Shieldpay 
  • Leigh-Anne Moore – Regulatory Compliance Consultant 
  • Faisal Islam – Director of Compliance and Regtech at Paradyne Fintech 

The panel dives deep into the key pain points fintechs experience when KYC and transaction monitoring systems, compliance teams, and data are siloed across financial institutions. 

They also explain the competitive strategic advantages fintechs stand to gain when the synchronization of KYC and transaction monitoring systems is prioritized, including lower operational and customer acquisition costs, more efficient ongoing monitoring of client risk, and more effective compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. 

Watch ‘How Fintechs Can Win with AML’ to find out: 

  • Why Transaction Monitoring is so crucial for fintechs to get right 
  • Best practice tips for integrating automated KYC and real-time TM into your AML workflow 
  • How to approach AML in the most effective ways 
  • The benefits of automation with ongoing KYC and real-time transaction monitoring  

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