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Reading Between the Fines: A Deep Dive into Financial Institution Penalties in 2022

Since the financial crash in 2007, an estimated $56 billion in enforcement actions has been levied to financial institutions and individuals for AML, data privacy, ESG, and other related compliance violations.

This is a mere drop in the ocean when compared to the estimated $1.9-4.8 trillion* in illicit cash that flows through the financial system each year.


The panel comprised:


Watch this webinar on-demand, where the panel discussed Fenergo's analysis of enforcement actions from 2022, as well as:

  • The trends driving enforcement actions, and why fine values have plateaued in recent years
  • Why 2022 was a watershed year for crypto, and what to expect from the regulatory crackdown on digital assets
  • Best practice for managing risk and detecting and preventing financial crime
  • Predictions: what 2022’s data tells us about the regulatory landscape going into 2023

* Estimated based on 2-5% of global GDP


Find out how Fenergo can help your organisation in terms of financial compliance.


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To learn more, look out for the findings from Fenergo's Financial Fines Research report, to be released in March 2023.